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If you are looking for a wood burning or multi-fuel stove for your property, get in touch with our team today or visit our showroom. We supply and install a huge range of traditional and contemporary options to suit every need, taste and property type.

We stock a variety of leading British and Scandinavian brands with a choice of fuel types. From the classic wood burners to gas and electric options, we will have a fire that is suited to your needs.

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Wood Burning Stove

Traditional & Contemporary Wood Burners

Now is the time to invest in a wood burning stove. With energy prices constantly fluctuating, a wood burner is a fantastic addition to any property. We offer a huge range of contemporary and traditional designs to suit your needs and aesthetic tastes. These little burners offer an outstanding amount of heat, keeping you warm in the harshest of winters.

Not sure which stove will suit you best? Simply visit our showroom, and we can show you our entire range.

Modern Stove In The Corner

Wood & Multi-fuel Options

Our wood burners and multi-fuel options have similar appearances, but some will only burn wood, while others can burn wood, coal, smokeless fuels, peat and more. So, it is up to you which option will be best suited to your needs.

We stock a vast range of options, all from leading manufacturers, including:

Dunsley Avance 500

Designed for contemporary living, the Avance 500 features a large glass window which is perfect to view the dancing flames. A popular choice with all of our customers.

Chesney Shoreditch

Create a statement piece with the Shoreditch stove. With its simple clean lines and its high efficiency rating the Shoreditch is not only beautiful but practical.

Dik Guerts Aste

A truly striking stove. The attractive detailing and splayed legs create a classic and timeless stove.

Dean Forge Dartmoor Baker

Ever dreamed of cooking fresh bread on your stove, well now you can! With the Dartmoor Baker Stove. For an off grid feel, the baker stove allows you to cook a chicken or make a fresh home made pizza from the comfort of your home.

Varde Aura

For those wanting a taller stove with large inglenooks or a big space, the Aura is a fantastic choice. View the flames through the curved ceramic glass and sit back beside the warmth of the fire.

Nordpeis Quadro

The perfect stove for any corner. The window dramatically wraps around two sides of the stove for an amazing view of the flames.

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